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Remove Spreadsheets & be CRM Champions.
Have a single Reporting dashboards.
Empower sales teams.
Make smarter business decisions.

Digital Cloud UK Process

Our goal is to partner with you to maximise your business reputation and IT infrastructure through our managed services.


We utilise creative and customised methods


Find out when and where your business needs to go


We deliver business results via hands-on execution


We provide guidance and support in development

Customer Relationship Management that makes a difference to your business.

Digital Cloud UK approach your business and customer engagement holistically. Our CRM solution enables you to:

  • Know your customers, close more sales
  • Less time on admin, more automation
  • Sales overviews, drive insights
  • Connect and collaborate

CRM Statistics

  • Companies with CRM: 65% achieved sales target.
  • Companies without CRM: 35% non-achieved Sales target.
  • 50% of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM.
  • 74% of companies say that converting leads into their customers is their top priority.
  • Last year we found out that overall CRM usage increased from 56% to 74%.
  • 65% of businesses adopt CRM technology within the first 5 years of launch.

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